Visit to the Court of Justice of the European Union
Jun 25 @ 09:00 – 16:00
Visit to the Court of Justice of the European Union

The visit will comprise a hearing before the Court of Justice, followed by presentations from members of the Court including Judge Jean-Claude Bonichot, President of the First Chamber of the Court, Advocate General Eleanor Sharpston and Judge Ian Forrester, judge at the General Court. Lunch will be offered in the Court’s dining rooms and the visit will end with a tour of the Court’s buildings. There will be an informal dinner in central Luxembourg which all are very welcome to attend.

La visite comprendra une audience devant la Cour de justice, suivie de presentations par des members de la Cour, y compris M. Jean-Claude Bonichot, Président de la première chambre de la Cour, Mme l’avocat général Sharpston et M. le juge Forrester, juge au Tribunal de l’Union. Un déjeuner sera offert dans les salons de la Cour et la visite se terminera par une visite des locaux de la Cour. Un dîner informel sera organisé pour le soir du 24 juin.  

Advance registration is required in order to comply with the Court’s security requirements. There is no charge for the visit.

Inscription gratuite requise pour répondre aux exigences de sécurité de la Cour.

FBLS CJEU Visit 2019 – Flier [PDF]

For further information and registration, please contact

FBLS CJEU Visit 2019 – Flier [PDF]


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