A l ’invitation de Tim Eicke, juge britannique à la CEDH Mattias Guyomar, juge français à la CEDH

Strasbourg, 19 – 20 /05/2022

With apologies for the delays (due to last minute missions by our host in Strasbourg) this is our confirmation of the visit in two weeks to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg on the evening of Thursday May 19 and the day of Friday May 20.  We will begin with a cheerful dinner in a Strasbourg restaurant at which we can meet Judge Eicke and one or two of his colleagues. On the Friday morning we will meet at the Court for a series of meetings with members of the Court and its staff.   The topics will reflect the numerous human rights challenges of the day.

The visit will end on Friday afternoon.  The pleasures of Alsace in spring are considerable, so you may wish to browse around the city of Strasbourg or the vineyards which lie to the west.

For lodging the Hilton Hotel is close and quite attractive.  Another hotel, though more costly,  is the Cour de Corbeau 6-8 Rue des Couples, 67000 Strasbourg.  An alternative, more modestly priced, is the Hotel du Dragon, rue du Dragon 67000 Strasbourg.

The cost of the dinner should not exceed 100 Euros, and will be collected during the visit.  There is no charge for visiting the court. Please confirm your attendance and indicate on your confirmation your full name and address and nationality in case of security concerns if any.  The Court is very much smaller and more modestly equipped than the EU court facilities in Luxembourg.  Limits on numbers in groups which existed during the pandemic have now been removed, so there are no limits on numbers.  This will be a richly interesting visit.

Press on the link below for French flyer


We apologise again for the short notice.

To registered we will need full name, dob, your passport number and passport country.

Registration can be made using the Society’s email address at


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