Webinar COVID-19 Symposium Webinar Part one



COVID-19 Symposium: Constitutional, political, social and health threats and challenges in France and the United Kingdom.

 On 27 May 2021 Start at 08.45am  to 1pm 

COVID-19 Symposium Webinar Part one

This symposium is co-organised by Aurélien Antoine (Jean-Monnet Saint Étienne University and Lyon University), Andrew Blick (King’s College London), Géraldine Gadbin-George (Panthéon-Assas University) and Elizabeth Gibson-Morgan (Poitiers University) in association with the Franco-British Lawyers Society (FBLS).


08:45 am: Plenary session hosted by Ian Forrester and moderated by Leonardo Carpentieri, Chair of the Franco-British Lawyers Society’s English Committee.

Ian Forrester QC LLD

President of the FBLS and formerly Judge of the General Court of the European Union.

Leonardo Carpentieri.

Chair of the Committee of the Franco-British Lawyers Society for England and Wales.

09:00 am – 11:00 am, Roundtable 1 – “How we handled the pandemic: Public Policies and Constitutional Perspectives” 

Paul Evans

former Clerk of the House of Commons. Expertise: “Covid and the British Parliament”

Elina Lemaire

Professor-Elect in Public Law at the University of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. Expertise: “Etat d’urgence sanitaire et contrôle parlementaire du gouvernement en France”

Pippa Catterall

Professor of History and Policy at the University of Westminster Expertise: “The embodied Constitution: Citizens, Bodies and Covid”

Sébastien Brameret

Senior Lecturer in Public Law, at the University of Grenoble. Expertise: “Nationalisation en temps de pandémie: une opportunité manquée?”

Emma Guernaoui

PhD student in Public Law, at the University of Montpellier / Panthéon-Assas . Expertise: “La régulation économique des autorités administratives et publiques indépendantes en temps de crise sanitaire”

Alexander McKenna

PhD student, King’s College London. Expertise: “Covid 19 and government communications in the UK”

11:00 am – 12:45 pm, Round Table 2 – “Pandemic and freedoms: a difficult conciliation

Rebecca Moosavian

Associate Professor in Law at the University of Leeds. Expertise: “Covid-19 legislation and human rights in the UK & France”

Anne Cousson

Senior Lecturer in British Studies, at the University of Poitiers. Expertise: “Defining human rights in the time of Covid (focusing mainly on France)”

Charlotte Denizeau

Senior Lecturer in Public Law, at the University of Panthéon-Assas. Expertise: “Eurostar and the Covid crisis”

Evelyne Bonis

Professor in Criminal Law at the Bordeaux Law School and Head of the Bordeaux Institute of Judicial Studies (IEJ). Expertise: “Coronavirus et prison : la question des aménagements de peine des détenus”

Akila Taleb-Karlsson

Senior Lecturer in Criminal Law at the University of Toulon. Expertise: “Coronavirus crisis and disadvantaged people: the case of prisoners in light of the fundamental rights guaranteed in the course of criminal proceedings”

12:45 pm –1 pm:  Questions & Answers and concluding remarks.

To register Please email Sophia Administrator at fbls@outlook.com

This event was organised with the support of the following research centres:





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