Contract Law as an Instrument of Legal Predictability and Economic Attractiveness: A Franco-British Perspective.



Contract Law as an Instrument of Legal Predictability and Economic Attractiveness:

A Franco-British Perspective

Le droit comme outil de prévisibilité juridique et d’attractivité économique :

 Approches comparées sous le prisme du droit applicable aux contrats d’affaires

Thursday 24 November at 6pm 

University of Westminster, 309 Regent St., Room UG 05

London W1B 2HW

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At a time of healthy competition between legal systems, to what extent can contract law be used as an instrument of legal predictability and economic attractiveness for parties involved in cross-border trade? Do the choice of law and the choice of jurisdiction matter for them in their commercial endeavours, particularly as private ordering of commercial and legal affairs gains in prominence in the current market?

This conference will explore (1) the challenges and opportunities for legal predictability in contractual interpretation with senior judges from different legal traditions, and (2) the considerations in the choice of law through the prism of legal practitioners.

Introductory remarks

Luke Mason, Professor of Jurisprudence, Head of Westminster Law School

Estelle Cros, Magistrat de Liaison, French Embassy to the United Kingdom

Chair: Catherine Pédamon, President, England & Wales section, FBLS, Senior Lecturer, Westminster Law School

Panel 1. Predictability in Contractual Interpretation: Challenges and Opportunities from a Franco-British Law Perspective

Lord George Leggatt, Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

François Ancel, Justice of the Cour de cassation

Lord Ericht, Judge of the Scottish Supreme Courts, Commercial Judge in the Court of Session

Panel 2.  Considerations in the Choice of Law: Economic Attractiveness through the prism of legal practitioners

Laure Lavorel, Présidente du Cercle Montesquieu

Géraldine Fabre, Senior Legal Counsel, RATP Dev UK

Jean-François Le Gal, Partner, Pinsent Masons

Concluding remarks


The conference will be followed by an aperitif at 19:30 in the same building.

This seminar is open to all. Registration is free.

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