Board of Directors / Conseil d’Administration

Office bearers of the Board of Directors


Ian Forrester

General Secretary and PR & Communication Director

Charles du Couëdic de Kerérant


Carole Hope (Treasurer,  England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

Carole Hope (Treasurer, Scotland)

Maeva Guyot (Treasurer, France)

Academic Director

Vivienne Forrest

Vice President – England and Wales

Catherine Pedamon

Vice President – France

Fréderic Goldberg

Vice President – Northern Ireland

Fionnuala Connolly

Vice President – Scotland

David Guild

The list of former presidents and office bearers of the board can be found here.


Members of the Board

Sir Richard Aikens

Irène Arnaudeau

Béatrice Castellane

Stanley Chaney

David Clark

Anne Cully

Sandrine Delarue – Pradayrol

Lady Dorrian

Nicolas Jondet

Diane Le Grand de Belleroche

Aristide Lévi

Katherine Lisfranc

Sally Osborn

Catherine Palmer

Robert James Dafydd Stevenson

Sir Michael Tugendhat

Bernard Vatier

Carol Xueref


Photo : Annual Diner Paris, 23 March 2018


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