The legal, epidemiological, moral and medical challenges of COVID book

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I had the privilege of attending a “Fireside Chat” between Bruno Laserre of the Conseil d’Etat and Lord Reed of the UK Supreme Court under the auspices of the French Ambassador about a year ago: that discussion of how the two jurisdictions had handled Covid legal controversies was fascinating. Equally stimulating was the spectacular two day webinar organised by Elizabeth Gibson Morgan & Leonardo Carpentieri members of the FBLS-AJFB last year about how the UK and France reacted to the legal, epidemiological, moral and medical challenges of COVID.  An excellent book, just published, records the proceedings. It has chapters in English and in French and covers a wide range of themes, from the treatment of those in prison to the experience and dark arts of government spin doctors.  My contribution was a short preface.  The book is a valuable repository of intelligent thinking about an extraordinary period in our history. Ian Forrester QC President of FBLS/AJFB

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Livre Covid-19

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