Participants © CCK (FBLS)

Art Law conference: “Regulation and the Art Market”

On Tuesday 23 October the Franco-British Lawyers Society has organised a conference on Regulation and the Art Market as part of its Art Law cycle of conference, attended by a very large number of participants.

Our distinguished experts drawn from the fine arts market and the law discussed a range of topical issues affecting this important and growing sector.

The conference included talks from:

Welcome: Christopher Devereux, Franco-British Lawyers Society

Christopher Devereux © CCK (FBLS)

Session 1: Ivory, the new regulatory environment
Anthony Misquitta, General Counsel at the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum)
Anthony Misquitta presentation (slides)

Anthony Misquitta © CCK (FBLS)

Session 2: Demystifying due diligence: the Responsible Art Market Initiative toolkitMathilde Heaton, General Counsel (UK, Europe & Asia), Phillips Auctioneers

Mathilde Heaton © CCK (FBLS)

Mathilde Heaton presentation (slides)

Session 3: Loaning art-works to institutions
Sir Richard Aikens, former judge of the Court of Appeal
Sir Richard Aikens presentation (slides)

Sir Richard Aikens © CCK (FBLS)

Session 4: Anti money-laundering compliance
Tony Baumgartner, Partner Clyde & Co, London and
Sophie Grémaud, Associate Clyde & Co, Paris
Tony Baumgartner & Sophie Grémaud presentation (slides)

Tony Baumgartner © CCK (FBLS)
Sophie Grémaud © CCK (FBLS)

Session 5: Guarantees at auction
Charles Cochrane, Director, Cochrane Adams Fine Art Agents

Charles Cochrane © CCK (FBLS)

Session 6: Round-table discussion, questions and answers

Participants © CCK (FBLS)

The Society thanks Clyde & Co for their support and sponsorship of this conference.

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