Edinburgh from Calton Hill (2015) Giuseppe Milo (CC-BY)
Edinburgh from Calton Hill (2015) Giuseppe Milo (CC-BY)

Annual Colloquium 2018 in Edinburgh – Publications

On Friday 28th September 2018 we held our Annual Colloquium 2018 at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.

The Colloquium was entitled ‘Brexit: the practical and legal consequences for the constituent parts of the UK and France, including the devolved administrations’

This page archives the programme, proceedings and pictures relating to this event.

Programme – Edinburgh Brexit Colloque 2018 (PDF Document)

Proceedings (more to follow)


– Lord Neuberger – The future role and influence of the CJEU [PDF Document]

– Sir James Munby – BREXIT: The consequences for Family Law [PDF Document]



























Pictures (more to come)


Reception at the French Consulate


Conference at the Scottish Parliament



Reception at the Edinburgh Castle



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