Dauphine London is looking for a lecturer in Public Law


Dauphine London is looking for a lecturer in Public Law to teach a module of 12h for 1st year students (from September to December 2018). There will be 2 groups of students and potentially 3 (total of 24h or 36h over 12 weeks). The Module is an introduction to public law. The goal of this course is to present and compare the basic notions of French and British public law and give tools to students to understand and analyse the States they live in and how law regulates it.


Course Content:

Class Lecture
1 Public law and State
2 Constitution and Hierarchy of norms
3 Separation of powers and Parliamentary versus Presidential regimes
4a Citizen’s means of expression
4b International and European law
5 Constitutional control and protection of fundamental rights
6 Administrative action and Public services




  1. Zoller, Introduction to Public law, A Comparative Study, MNP.

Additional references:

  1. Tomkins, Public law, Clarendon.
  2. Truchet, Le droit public, PUF.


Applicant should email CV and cover letter to caroline.gautier@dauphine.fr



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