Franco British Lawyers Society announce prestigious Annual Award in conjunction with Champagne Louis Roederer

Franco British Lawyers Society announce prestigious Annual Award in conjunction with Champagne  Louis Roederer

The prix Champagne Louis Roederer will be awarded at the Residence of the French Ambassador on the 23rd of July 2019 to an organisation, law firm, in -house legal department or charitable organisation which has made an outstanding contribution in helping French women lawyers practise in London. 
Frequently, relocating to a new city such as London is difficult; there are numerous challenges to overcome in practising law in a different jurisdiction and legal culture. This often requires expensive retraining. The support of the legal community and the French community in London is invaluable.
With this in mind, the Franco British Lawyers Society (FBLS) decided to create the prize in conjunction with Champagne Louis Roederer.
Nominations are open now. The closing date for entries is the 28th of June 2019
The FBLS committee will be looking for inspirational examples of how nominees have helped French women lawyers become established in London. 
Commenting, Catherine Palmer of the FBLS said:
“Every year, French legal professionals relocate to London and face the daunting challenge of establishing themselves in a new city and career. We want to publicly recognise the invaluable and selfless support that women lawyers  receive from those who help make the transition that much easier through their generosity and hard work.”
Richard Billett of Maisons Marques et Domaines, the UK subsidiary of Champagne  Louis Roederer,  added:
“We are proud to be associated with the FBLS and are delighted to support this annual award recognising the important role played by those who support French women lawyers in establishing themselves in London . We  look forward to congratulating the recipient of the Champagne Louis  Roederer Prize at the ceremony in July.”
Please email your nominations to the administrator at indicating whom you wish to nominate and why. Please also give your contact details so that a member of the FBLS (prix Champagne Louis Roederer) can get in touch with you to discuss your nomination. 
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