List other Grants for research in comparative law

Entente Cordiale

Set up in 1995, at the time of Franco-British Summit, the Entente Cordiale Scholarships scheme is designed to promote higher education, to encourage contacts and increase exchanges between France and the United Kingdom. 


The Scholarships is awarded for one academic year. British scholars receive an annual allowance of £ 8,000 in Paris, £7,500 outside Paris, with tuition fees reimbursed up to a limit of £3,000. French scholars receive a total of £10,000 inclusive of fees.

What conditions apply for an Entente Cordiale Scholarship?

You must be a British or French post-graduate, with at least an excellent first degree.

For more information:


Ambassade de France / Service culturel
Edwige Girardin
Attachée de cooperation universitaire
 (00 44) 20 70 73 13 00

Information: Nicole Bea
 (00 44) 20 70 73 13 00

British Council
Sarah Bagshaw
Education and Society Coordinator
 (00 33) 1 49 55 73 43

The Henry Malcolm Hubbard Law Scholarship

This is an Annual Scholarship providing opportunity for study in France, Spain or Canada. Up to £15,000 each year is available to trainee solicitors or solicitors within three years of admission.

For more information, please visit the H M Hubbard Law Scholarship's website

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